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Wikidot logo Wikidot
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Status: Vibrant
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: Ajax
Software license: GNU Affero General Public License

Wikidot.com is the worlds third largest wiki farm running 120,000 sites. Their mission is to provide free and professional wiki publishing, collaboration and communication solutions to anyone who needs it and wants it.

Each site gets a sub-domain on .wikidot.com (like mywiki.wikidot.com). Also, there is possibility to map a custom domain (like mywiki.com -- if previously registered by the wiki owner) for free. One can optionally allow Wikidot to display advertising on their wiki and get 80% of revenue. RSS import/export, private RSS feeds for Users (notifications and watched items), RSS for page changes and forum, customizable themes (every item can be styled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)), advanced forum for each Site. Custom page hierarchies, searching, advanced page (full/section/append) edit locking, blocking users and IP addresses. Private messages between users.

Also available as a free downloadable wiki engine, released under version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL v3); Wikidot uses Ajax for clean and fast (no browser page-reload) interface. It is SEO-friendly, has no limits on site size, and provides for public and private wikis. Lots of widgets, that allow to embed a video from YouTube, GoogleVideo, photos from Flickr, chats from Meebo and many more. Each user can create up to 20 wiki sites and be a member of an unlimited number of wikis.

  • View a detailed feature list of Wikidot on the WikiMatrix wiki engine comparison wiki-site.
Company data

Wikidot.com is owned and operated by Wikidot Inc., incorporated in Delaware, USA. Wikidot.com was originally developed in Poland, and the company's operational office is based in Torun, Poland. Wikidot Inc. released the Wikidot software as open source in January 2008. Wikidot Inc. focuses on providing the highest quality wiki platform for diverse web projects, at the lowest possible cost. Wikidot CEO is Michał Frąckowiak.

The Polish office of Wikidot Inc. operates under the following registration data: Wikidot Inc. S.A. Oddział w Polsce, ul. Łazienna 13/2, 87-100 Toruń, Poland. REGON: 340390029, KRS: 0000294101, EU VAT ID: PL1020000446.

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