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See also Logo (disambiguation).

A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by a wiki to identify itself. In WikiIndex articles, logos are often hotlinked. The advantage of this is that if the logo is updated on the wiki, it will be unnecessary to reupload the logo on WikiIndex. A disadvantage is that if the wiki becomes inaccessible, so will the logo.


Popular MediaWiki skins such as Vector and MonoBook usually place the logo in the top left corner of every page on the wiki; clicking on this logo takes one to the main page. The logo is a helpful reminder of what wiki one is using, since many wikis look very similar, and one could otherwise easily search or edit the wrong one by accident. These logos are usually about 135x135 pixels, although it is often useful to create a larger logo in case one wishes to, e.g., use it as the logo for a Facebook page for the wiki. See also mw:Manual:$wgLogo.