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Donald Noyes

About me

Wikizen from the early in the 2000 decade

My work

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I am interested in Wiki as a germ of an idea which needs InnoVention. Spending at least a man-year of consideration and experimentation, having created or modified a half a dozen wikis or wiki-like things, attempting to find the best way.

Programs created since 2003 include NysWiki, NysLte, NysInfoSpaces, NysNotes and two variants of EddiesWiki. one of which uses the basic structure, the second (which I am still working on utilizes CSS and RSS, similar to that employed in ElReyWiki.

Believing that Wikis attract the curious and the inventive, I would like to employ both in a new kind of wiki called the SynergiesWiki, which will make the WikiExperience delightful and informative by allowing Individual paths to Reachable and Maintainable WikiSpaces which are not only extensible but also connectable via the Information's Context.

Planning completion of some sort of system by increasing my attention to development on a more intense and directed effort, a target date window has been created of July to September of 2012.