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Wikia Stars

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The Wikia Stars usergroup was a program started by Wikia Staff to select certain users for their leadership and collaboration within their wikis. It was discontinued in 2016, in favour of the Community Council. Indeed, the majority of Wikia Stars have been moved to the Community Council.

Some Stars, such as Billy Arrowsmith and T3CCHNOCIDE, were given the privilege of hosting panels for their wikis at ComicCon, and/or touring Wikia's offices.

List of former Stars

User Country Home wiki
Hatebunny Canada DC Database
SilverFlight USA DisneyWiki
Toprawa and Ralltiir USA Wookieepedia
MrBlonde267 USA DC Database
Riffsyphon1024 USA Wookieepedia
Callofduty4 UK Call of Duty Wiki
sactage USA Call of Duty Wiki
Spongebob456 UK Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
J1coupe USA Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
JosephHawk USA Battle Nations
Jiskran Czech Republic Dumbledore's Army RP
Cpl.Bohater USA Call of Duty Wiki
TyA USA RuneScape Wiki
The888thAvatar Australia Avatar Wiki
Wilc0 Netherlands Halo Nation
Doomlurker UK Batman Wiki
Kyletheobald USA DC Database
Master Jonathan USA Wookieepedia
TheWWC UK Classic Cars Wiki
Dser USA Currency Wiki
Cheesedude USA Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki
Sulfur Canada Memory Alpha
CC7567 USA Wookieepedia
Master Jonathan USA Wookieepedia

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